Terms and Conditions

The Nitty Gritty:


 “We” or “Us” or “Our” refers to Big Entertainment Ltd – the owner of Cracker Shack fireworks brand.

 “You” refers to the user of this website and/or purchaser

 “Fireworks vouchers” refers to vouchers purchased from this website to be exchanged for fireworks between 2nd - 5th November of the same year.

 “Goods” and/or “products” refers to fireworks exchanged for the fireworks vouchers purchased from this website.



By using this website you are bound by these terms and conditions (T&C’s).  We reserve the right to modify or change these T&C’s at any time and at our sole discretion.  Use of the website indicates acceptance of and adherence to these T&C’s.

You must be over 18 to buy fireworks and/or use this website.  By accessing the website you verify you are over 18 and indemnify us from loss should this not be the case. 

By purchasing from this website you are accepting full responsibility and liability for the credit card charges made by you in connection with this transaction.  We are in no way liable for fraudulent use of credit cards on this website.

All sales are final.  No cancellations, no refunds.

 You are buying a fireworks voucher for specific products.  This will be exchanged for the physical product between 2nd-5th November this year. 

 You can only collect your order between 2nd – 5th November.  The Govt make this rule- not us, so no exceptions.  We do not deliver or ship fireworks to you.

 Failure to pick up the products or redeem your voucher within the specified period will result in forfeiture of the voucher and products which may then be resold.  Remember, there are no refunds and no cancellations.

 Bring the original of your ID and voucher when collecting your order for proof of purchase, identity and age.  You must pick up your own order, we won’t give it to anyone else, not even with a signed note from you.  We may require a copy of your ID.

It is your responsibility to transport, store, handle, dispose of and use products received from us according to NZ legislation, regulations and local bylaws.  You are solely responsible for your use of these products and indemnify us against any claim of liability for any accident, injury, incident, damages or losses incurred to any person(s) and/or property in regards to the products once they have left our facilities.  We do not permit or support onward sale of our products. 

Online products displayed are representative only.  Items may vary slightly to equal value depending on legal testing requirements.

 We reserve the right to substitute any out of stock products with similar products of equal value.  We supply products as available and without any warranties of any kind, express or implied.

 Prices at our pop-up stores may differ from online prices.  Vouchers purchased online will be honoured only for the products ordered, unless otherwise substituted by us due to availability, irrespective of in-store prices or promotions.

Only light fireworks on private property, be aware of local bylaws.

Be safe and considerate and don’t do any weird stuff with them.  Keep them away from animals.

By using the website you consent to receiving emails from us, including marketing emails.

All content, including but not limited to our name, brand, product names, slogans, designs and logo are our property and cannot be used without our written permission

By using this website you authorise us to hold and collect information about you.  All private information held by us is in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

NZ law governs these T&C’s and NZ courts hold jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute arising in connection with these T&C’s, products and use of our website.