Who we are

With over a decade’s experience selling other brands of fireworks, the passionate and fun-loving crew at Cracker Shack decided they wanted to bring only the best quality retail pyrotechnics to the NZ market.  The only way to guarantee the fireworks we are selling were “no-fluff, no-filler”, real deal, top quality explosives was to design and import our own.

Teaming up with pyrotechnic experts and engineers, Cracker Shack now brings to you what we can guarantee are the most powerful candles and cakes available in this country.  We push the thresholds to their limit while ensuring our fireworks are still within NZ’s strict safety criteria.  You cannot buy more powerful fireworks than these. 

We are dedicated to setting and keeping the standard high with assortment packs designed to give you only top quality products.  Cracker Shack defies the standard practice of filling in the gaps with low grade “filler” fireworks.  

Our packs will thrill your pyrotechnic passion while providing best value for money!

Celebrating life is our motto – be it Guy Fawkes, New Years, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any and all get-togethers with friends and family.  

We consider it a privilege to be there with you as you light up the sky!  So please let off fireworks responsibly, follow all safety precautions and be environmentally aware.