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The enthusiast's collection, a visual and audial overload of the most powerful fireworks on the market!  Assembled to impress the most discerning pyrotechnic aficionado! You’ll need both hands to handle this package!


Annihilation Collection includes:

2 x Excalibur Giant Roman Candle

2 x Rapture Giant Roman Candle

2 x Mega Blaster Giant Roman Candle

2 x Enforcer Giant Roman Candle

2 x Dominator Roman Candle

2 x Thunderstick Roman Candle

2 x Comet Blaster Roman Candle

2 x Aerial Bouquet 15 shot fan cake

2 x Morning Glory 15 shot fan cake

1 x Dragon Fury 10 shot cake

1 x Nukes of Hazard 10 shot cake

1 x After Party 10 shot cake

1 x Lightening Storm 10 shot cake

1 x Star Blitz 10 shot cake

2 x Maz Vedder 8 shot cake

2 x Blazing Comets 8 shot cake

2 x Air Raid 8 shot cake

2 x Monster Mash 8 shot cake

4 x 9 inch fountains

6 x Magic Whips

4 x Saturn Missiles

10 x Crackling Ground Bloom Flowers