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Big Kahuna Voucher

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Light up the night with this complete assortment for visual displays. You’ll want to show off the size of this - one of our largest packs, overloaded with power for when performance counts!


Big Kahuna includes:

1 x Excalibur Giant Roman Candle

1 x Rapture Giant Roman Candle

1 x Mega Blaster Giant Roman Candle

1 x Enforcer Giant Roman Candle

2 x Dominator Roman Candles

2 x Thunderstick Roman Candles

2 x Comet Blaster Roman Candles

1 x Dragon Fury 10 shot cake

1 x Nukes of Hazard 10 shot cake

1 x 8 Maz Vedder 8 shot cake

1 x Air Raid 8 shot cake

1 x Blazing Comets 8 shot cake

1 x Monster Mash 8 shot cake

2 x 9 inch Fountain

1 x Blue Blaze Conic Fountain

1 x Green Haze Conic Fountain

1 x Red Hue Conic Fountain

2 x Saturn Missiles

6 x Crackling Ground Bloom Flowers

3 x Magic Cracker Whips

2 x Strobe Flash